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With these pages, we try to promote citizens access to the information related to initiatives and services of Xunta de Galicia, making easier the contact with the Administration of the Autonomous Region of Galicia.


The content provided in this web has information purposes only and it does not substitute the legal publicity of laws, provisions and events that must be published in DOG (Galician Official Gazette). The necessary efforts will be carried out in order to show accurate and updated information.  Xunta de Galicia do not guarantees the lack of errors throughout the content of this website neither if information is completely updated.  Only those texts published on print editions of DOG or other gazettes are authentic and official.

Xunta de Galicia takes no responsibilities for the damages and losses that the unlawful or inappropriate use of the tools and information of this web can caused, except those actions that ensue from the application of legal provisions to which it must comply with in the strict exercise of its duties.

The Administration of the Autonomous Region of Galicia takes no responsibility related to the Internet connection or the contents linked to external pages.

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The reproduction of this website contents is authorized as long as the source is quoted or an authorization requested. The user agrees to use this web only for personal use.


Xunta de Galicia takes no responsibilities for the answers made through the different e-mail addresses that you can see in these pages, except those from the department. The information got through the mailboxes that we can see in these pages has information purposes only and with no binding legal effect.


It is aimed to minimize service failures and the problems caused by technical errors. No responsibility is taken for interruptions or failures in the service, neither the problems that can be caused when checking these pages.

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The privacy policy of Xunta de Galicia is based on requesting only those data that are strictly necessary in order to provide the services of the website.

The processing of personal data carried out throughout this website will be subject to the Organic Law 15/1999 on personal data protection and other applicable regulations. Data gathered will be sent electronically or will be filed with the user’s consent, who has the right to decide who can have his/her data, how to use them, to request that they be accurate and that they must be used for the initial purpose, with the exceptions provided in current laws.

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