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Accessibility policy

Xunta de Galicia tries to explain all the contents and basic functionalities of the web in an independent way from the physical devices and web browsers used with that aim and accessible to browsers adapted to disabled people or people with sensory, motor or cognitive limitations.

The accessibility policy implemented by Xunta de Galicia go together with the requirements of the Royal Decree 1494/2007 of 12th November, which endorse the regulations about the basic conditions for the access of disabled people to new technologies, products and services related to the information society and social mass media.


The scope of this Accessibility Declaration of Conformity includes all the pages of the pescadeRías web pescadeRías they must have the same heading and bottom than the website home page, except the page that presents the promotional video.

Standards compliance

It is recommended to use the newest versions of browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Konqueror, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.

Last checking date

The last check about the accessibility level of this website was made on December 2012.

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